That Booty Tho...


Do you exfoliate your cheeks? Yes girl I’m talking about your backside, not the cheeks on your face! It’s pretty interesting how many woman don’t exfoliate that part of their body. Yet, it’s pretty susceptible to breakouts, especially if you workout. When I was talking about my need for an exfoliant with my bff, as soon as we hung up and I did my daily mindless scroll on Instagram, an ad for Anese popped up. YES, literally what I was just talking about! I know this has happened to you, it happens to everyone.


Ok, back to the booty scrub, Anese is a Los Angeles based skincare company specializing in scrubs, toners and body elixirs. What I loved most was the humor and quirk of the brand! To top it off, the ad offered 10% off, so I purchased The Original Booty scrub, “That Booty Tho.” This is a scrub that both stimulates blood flow and assists in regenerating new cells. You could also use it on different parts of your body, it targets stretch marks, cellulite, acne and helps with discoloration. After the first use I was already a fan! On the website you can find over 300 five star reviews and I agree with every single one of them! This may sound a little crazy but my ass was radiating a glow, it seemed to instantly even out hyper-pigmentation, tone, and left my cheeks feeling incredibly smooth! I’ve included an offer code below FOR 20% OFF, so your ass can glow too! Let me know your thoughts if you try it out!

Jessica Castaneda