Babes Support Babes


The other day someone asked me why I felt so strongly about having a sisterhood and creating a collaborative place for women to create together. I replied, “I used to be a huge chismosa and gossiper in High School, I consider this my penance. A way to make right of my old ways.” It took a lot of self development and maturing to not be threatened by another woman’s presence. I wanted to share some things I’ve learned since changing my mindset.

Inspire not Gossip. It’s super easy to spill the latest tea you heard about your frenemy. But what if you used that energy to instead inspire someone? I’ve wasted a lot of energy on drama that doesn’t even involve me. Now I try to inspire other women to come together and uplift each other. This also plays into your karma, if you spread positive vibes that’s what you will receive in return.

The real issue is your self esteem. I have always tried to be a confident woman but sometimes those insecurities creep in. I use to feel very threatened by women smarter, prettier, or more successful than me. I realized my insecurities blinded me in those moments. But now I know there is a place for every woman to co-exist, receive praise, and shine equally. There is room for all of us to succeed.

Collaboration over competition. On my podcast, my goal is to create a space for women to be supported and celebrated. The same women who once would have made me feel inadequate with their shining presence have linked arms with me in collaboration. I’ve heard their journey, learned from their lessons, and most importantly I’ve turned my negative emotions into admiration and friendship. Find a way to evolve your emotions through collaboration. One of my favorite quotes is “We can go far alone or further together” boss babes unite!

#womensupportingwomen There is no denying the powerful force going on in which women are encouraging women to speak up, put themselves out there and form a sisterhood. After speaking with countless women I’ve realized we are all alike in so many ways. We all were once a girl with a dream, some have made that dream a fruition and others are waiting for the right opportunity on the side lines. When one of your girlfriends decides to pursue a passion or finally start her business, support her. You can write her a review, re-post her post on your insta stories, give her a shout out, engage on her content, buy her product or refer her services. Whatever is within your means you should do! #womensupportingwomen

When you grow you glow! I am in a really great place in my life. I’m building a supportive community around me, I network constantly and attend a lot of community events. I’ve met so many inspiring women all from creating something with good intention. I encourage all of my girlfriends to pursue their passions, to not settle, I build them up when they need it, and the most amazing part is they do the same for me.

To all the girls I’ve wronged in my past, if I’ve gossiped or made you feel a certain way, I sincerely apologize for not being mature enough. I promise to continue to provide a space that encourages unity among women and will continue to inspire not gossip.

Sincerely, -A former Gossip Girl

Jessica Castaneda