6 Things I Learned...


This past Friday I attended an event hosted by, Love Made Me do it, a womens networking community that encourages young female professionals to follow their dreams and love themselves a little more. The event was lead by Leadership Coach Angela Aguirre and I wanted to write about a few things I took away from attending the event in hopes of it resonating with you.

  1. Listen to your body. Groundbreaking right? We have been told this probably our entire lives, but it really doesn’t hit home till we are at a breaking point. We juggle multiple projects, jobs, family, home, career and also have the adult stress of paying bills, a mortgage, student loan debt and add children in the mix it could cause even Wonder Woman to lose her shit. Listening to your body is crucial, you can push yourself until your sick, take care of everyone else but at the end of the day, if you are not well, everyone around you suffers. Give yourself a break, say no and set boundaries.
  2. Want vs. Desire so when was the last time you used the word desire? Probably never right? I’ve always said “I Want this or that” but that phrase alone acknowledges what you don’t have, instead of what you are manifesting, say “I Desire…” It holds so much weight and energy. If you believe in the law of attraction and speaking in to existence what you desire, then try it, say it out loud now “I Desire….” see how the universe delivers!
  3. Be accepting of praise and allow your efforts to be celebrated! Have you ever been complimented about your work ethic and responded, “Thanks but I had a lot of help” or someone compliments your outfit and you respond “oh thanks but this dress was cheap” Girl you just deflected that praise! I do this all the time, you may not feel worthy of someone saying something nice about you but accept it with gratitude. This has been a work in progress for me but it was a reminder Friday that I wasn’t the only person who does this and to continue working on accepting the love others have to offer. YOU ARE WORTHY!
  4. Start your day with intention. You might reach for your phone first thing in the morning and do your usual mindless half awake scroll on social media. Try to break this cycle. Write a small to-do list, rub essential oil on you, stretch, meditate. Try doing 1 action with intention this sets the tone for the rest of your day!
  5. Don’t do anything out of desperation. Easier said then done but we’ve all had that moment when we wanted to walk out of a job (I’ve done this twice), or maybe we needed a job so bad we agree to the wrong opportunity for a paycheck. The scenarios are endless but saying “yes” for the wrong reasons could distract us from a great opportunity. Hang in there, what is meant to be will happen for you.
  6. Be responsible for your vibe. Have you ever worked with someone and as soon as they walked into a room the energy of the room changed and not for the better? Yes, you give off vibes and could change the whole aura of a room if they are not good ones! We all have bad days and however you cope, try your best to not let your bad day rub off on others. You can take control, be happy and be the shining light of positivity, own up to your vibes girl.

The next event Hosted by Love Made Me Do It: The Self Love Lessons series is 10/2 with Dr.Erin Fall Haskell and Natalie Ellis CEO of Boss Babe Inc. If you are interested in attending please reach out girlfriend, I would love to experience it with you!


Jessica Castaneda