Regret vs. Gratitude


Have you ever replaced the feeling of regret with gratitude? This weekend I was given a design project and in the beginning stages of the project a ton of self doubt clouded my mind, thoughts of “do I even have talent?” “can I do this?” “I am not good enough” so many negative thoughts and all because I started to feel insecure in myself and ability. I felt like I was reaching with what I was trying to create but never grasping, I couldn’t get myself into that space where I was confident and liked what I was doing. What is wrong with me? I kept thinking that, repeating it in my head then I started replaying every time I felt this way, when I felt inadequate or like I wasn’t enough. I felt myself sinking into a dark hole and I didn’t want to go there. I took a break from my project and went outside, I took my boys and watched them play. I saw their curiosities in every detail of the world around them. I saw pure joy in there faces and amazement, I couldn’t see my failures, at that point I couldn’t feel anything but gratitude for their presence, I felt so much happiness in just observing them. That night I started searching for inspiration, I needed to find that same curiosity but in my creative process. I started to feel excited about creating, the next day I woke up and began my project again. I listened to Queen pretty much the whole day (I’m currently obsessed with Freddy Mercury) I once read music has a huge influence on your mood. I wanted to be happy and be content with what I was doing. I woke up Monday at 6am and finished the remainder of the project, I met with my brand director and he LOVED it. He said I made his week and he was so excited for our partnership and what’s to come. As I look back on it now, I’ve realized it’s easy to fall into darkness and regret. But In those times try to remember failures are a great time for self reflection, also practice gratitude because I’m sure if you’ve ever failed at something, eventually something better came along. Trust the process, it’s ok to feel lost, it’s ok to take a break and regroup. Do what you need to, and snap yourself out of your low and continue on. I wanted to share my favorite Queen song which is pretty appropriate for this post! What are some of your favorite songs to snap you out of a slump?

Jessica Castaneda