5 Things I Learned From Liz Hernandez Wordaful Woman Event


A couple weekends ago I attended Liz Hernandez’s Wordaful Woman Event. Having left feeling inspired, I want to share 5 things I learned and express just how important a sisterhood is. If you grew up in SoCal then you know her voice, as Liz Hernandez was queen of LA radio. There is something so comforting and familiar when listening to her speak, she is for women, what Vin Scully was for men in LA. Upon arriving to the event, (an hour late) I was greeted with champagne, which she then asked me to introduce myself and share a fun fact. I had tons of fun facts about myself run through my head, and almost blurted out, my hips are double jointed! However, I stopped myself and took a sip of my drink, then I recalled what an old wise friend from New York once told me, “whenever you’re put on the spot in a group find something in common with someone in the room, this helps you to be relatable and approachable”, so I replied to her, “I use to work with you two!” As I pointed to my old co-worker, Jenny (also in the room) and Liz herself. I worked at Power 106 for 2 years in college, which was a fun job and led to such great connections, I figured that was my in! Instead of waiting till the end of the event, I wanted her to know we had a connection and although she didn’t remember working with me (lol) it helped break the ice.

1.) I am going to start with thee most powerful takeaway which was, “When you are aligned with yourself, you understand your purpose”. I grew up Catholic and I have to admit, I haven’t been a good one lately. I miss going to church. There is something so powerful in lifting up your worries, prayers and just having faith that God will take care of you. Knowing everything that happens is his plan. I’ve noticed because I am not spiritually aligned, I have a lot of self-doubt and I have a hard time believing in myself. I believe when I am strong in my faith, I am strong and courageous in all aspects of my life.

2.) I wanted to ask Liz a million questions! I wanted her to solve the mystery of what I should do next with my life (lol)! After asking her this question, her response was somewhere along the lines of, I already knew the answer! I have all the answers to all my questions within myself, BUT reverting back to the first point, I need to get myself in the right place to understand and make sense of it all.

3.) “Let Go and Let God”! Now this isn’t to push faith onto anyone but I realized, I carry the weight of my problems and insecurities on my shoulders. Emotional baggage is a dream killer, and my negative thoughts have held me back. I have to be ok when something is not perfect and understand something better will come along. Also when a situation doesn’t yield the result I expect, don’t waste energy on replaying different scenarios and endings. Let go and give it up to God.

4.) It’s so easy for me to uplift, encourage, and give love to other women, yet so challenging to give that same love to myself. Has anyone ever given you a compliment and you respond with a negative comment or something to contradict what that person just said? I do this all the time, and I’m sure my husband will agree. I’ve realized it’s hard for me to accept the love others give or think of myself as worthy of such compliments. Yet I will gladly offer my support and tell my girlfriends they are beautiful without hesitation. I definitely need to improve the relationship with myself, I am beautiful and I am worthy! (repeat that last part 5 times to yourself)

5.) Set clear intentions, without clarity it’s easy to feel lost and become unmotivated. Without a purpose and vision, there is no foundation for why we do the things we do. When you have a clear vision and positive intentions, the energy you put out is reciprocated.

SISTERHOOD! Find your tribe girlfriend! Now you know the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child”, think of your sisterhood in the same sense. Whether you’re a mama or not, you will need a strong support system backing you up. Find your girl squad who will cheer you on, support your dreams and lift you up when you need it.

Jessica Castaneda