Glossier Beauty Review By: My GF Stephanie



       By: Stephanie Almaraz

A few months ago, I was at a friend's house prior to our lunch date. She was getting ready, primarily with all Glossier products, I immediately recognized them from numerous social media posts. Everyone seemed to have Glossier fever. But not me. Aesthetically pleasing posts and influencer reviews didn’t sway me. I’ve never been so happy to be wrong. I officially have Glossier fever and I don’t want to remedy this anytime soon. Below are a list of my go to everyday products:

Boy Brow: I like a quick and natural look when it comes to my brows and boy brow gives me exactly that in only a few easy strokes of their perfectly sized brush. I don’t have thick brows so the brown tint looks like I made an effort when in reality I did it in an uber trying to look at myself through the drivers rearview mirror. 10/10


Glossier YOU- Whether I’m running errands or at gatherings, I continue to get compliments about my perfume. Even after being a fan of Glossier when their perfume came out I was hesitant. Should've learned my lesson and not doubt Glossier’s ability to perfect simple and lovely. I’m not big on perfume mostly because the heavy scents leave me with a headache but it’s surprisingly light and refreshing. Smells like,,,you ;)

Milk jelly- the explanation is in its name already. Feels like I’m washing my face with milk and a soft jelly but as unappealing as that may sound it’s amazing for an everyday cleanser. I’ve had my ups and downs with cleansers. I hate the stripped feeling some leave your skin or the weird white cast that i have to scrub off. I’ve noticed since I started using Milk Jelly as a cleanser I’ve broken out less and it keeps my face soft & feeling clean. Doesn’t feel like harsh chemicals are on my face. The smell of roses is a plus. I thought it would break me out but it’s done the opposite. It’s perfectly balanced for your PH levels- what’s there to hate?


In the end, I’m more than happy to admit how terribly wrong I was about the brand and spending a little extra cash was totally worth it. Gotta remind myself that a girl needs to treat herself more often cause hello we all deserve a little TLC.

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Jessica Castaneda