Organize Your Life One Space at a Time with my BFF Vanessa


We live in a world where we are constantly on the go. Therefore, it is easy to build up

clutter in the spaces around us. Have you ever detailed a space, whether it is your car, a room in

your house, or even a cabinet? How did you feel? Well, if you’re like me, I’m sure you felt a

sense of accomplishment. It is a rewarding feeling to step back and enjoy the benefits of a clean

and organized environment. Recently, I have undergone several projects within my home, to help

me keep my day to day life organized.

It started with my kitchen, in which I had plenty of cupboard space to utilize. I shopped

around for the best supplies to organize my pantry. If you have kids, then you know, snacks on

site is a must! My kid’s snacks began to overflow my cabinets. I picked up some clear plastic

tubs, which I found the best deal at Homegoods, however Target carries them also. You can use

really any bin or basket, I have just found the clear bins to work for my household. You then

organize each bin per each snack, for example, one bin has individual bags of Gold Fish

crackers, another has fruit snacks, so on and so forth. Next, I tackled my fridge. Yes, I used clear

bins for my fridge! Let me just say, GAME CHANGER! My fridge has never been this

organized, even my family has appreciated the new easy access in the kitchen.

I also redid my hallway closet, in which let me say, was a disaster! I was actually

embarrassed I had let it get as bad as it did. This project I completed this week. I have never felt

as content and overall at peace with my home! The vibes I have got from just organizing small

spaces within my home has added a calmness to the house. Too much? Try it and you will know

exactly what I am talking about!

A few starter points I can offer to begin organizing a space, first know which space to

tackle. Do not attempt doing your entire home, you will get overwhelmed, guaranteed! Pick your

space, once you have located the troubled area, go grab some supplies. By supplies I mean bins

or baskets. Make sure they are durable. Next, empty the space you are going to organize. Pull

everything out and sort through it. You may need to toss expired items or empty items, or donate

things you no longer use. Group the remaining items by likeness. For instance, in my hallway

closet I have one bin that holds my kids puzzles and game boards. Once everything is in their

appropriate bin, begin adding them back to the space. Lastly, step back and embrace your hard

work! Now it’s your turn to organize your life, one space at a time!

Jessica Castaneda