Ivy Love's Women in Business event


Last night I attended Ivy Love’s Women in Business event in Whittier at the Collab Inc. I can’t say enough how important it is to attend events hosted by women you admire. I felt inspired, motivated, and grateful for all the women I connected with last night. Before I went to sleep I prayed and thanked God for all the wonderful women he’s brought into my life, I asked for guidance in making authentic connections with women who align with my message, and form collaborations to inspire others. I will continue to build a community of women around me who want to uplift and support each other all with positive intention and a purposeful heart. I wanted to share 5 things I learned about attending last nights event with you, and I hope this inspires you to attend an event with me in the future or seek out events that will inspire you!

  1. You network to grow your business. Building relationships is a fundamental component in growing your business. I’ve been a part of so many conversations where I explain what I do or what I am creating and someone within the group offered their services in order to help build my brand or offered to connect me with someone who aligned with my message. Put yourself out there and the universe will connect you with the right people! All the panelists at last nights event were connected, they each had done some form of business with each other. When you build a friendship with a well-connected woman she is essentially the gateway to a group of other successful women. Utilize that relationship, ask her be a mentor, learn from her journey, the hard lessons she had to learn, and give her praise for being the woman who went for it!
  2. Don’t be shy girl. Ok, so this is still something I struggle with, it is so hard for me to approach other women and connect. I do it so easily on my podcast but in person I am shy. I’ve realized when you are an entrepreneur you become a walking billboard for your company/brand. Every person you encounter should know what you do, wear that title proudly and loudly.
  3. You are the CEO, Creative Director, Distribution Manager and Marketing Director, there are countless roles you will play when you own your own business. It is usually a one-woman team so like anything else in life, the effort you put in is what you will receive. Prepare to work long days, weekends, unconventional hours and holidays. There is no 9-5 or clocking out when you’re building a business. You work non-stop to hopefully get to a place of more balance, a place of abundance where you can afford help. The grind is real and not for the faint of heart.
  4. You start a business to make money, own that! Eva Macias, was a panelist at last nights event and she said that exact phrase and basically gave us all permission to monetize our passions. It sometimes may seem inauthentic when someone tries to “cash in” on what they are creating, but my belief is, if you create with good intention, have a community around you that supports you and you can create something of value, why not monetize on that? I don’t think anyone starts a business to not make money, let’s be real, being an entrepreneur takes a lot of time and effort. There will be huge sacrifices you will have to make but the goal should be to create a quality product/service and leave a legacy of your work. I’ve realized when you sell a product or ticket to an event that is an exchange of energy. You as the business owner are responsible for creating something that will bring value to someone’s life. The person who supports your business, works hard for their money, they don’t need your product but they make an investment either in your message, or your product. They invest in your time, effort, idea, service, and labor. That whole statement alone carries a lot of energy. Be accepting of that and grateful for that energy someone gives you.
  5. OWN IT GIRL! I use to get asked what I do for a living and I would say “oh I work part-time and have a little podcast”. I used to not lead with what my passion is. Now when I am asked I proudly say “I have a podcast on Itunes and Spotify, I would love for you to check it out and maybe we can collaborate on an episode!” I lead with my passion now and offer collaboration as a way to connect and get to know a person. I own it, I own what I am doing because, my little podcast is opening a lot of doors for me. Lead with your passion, and your business. Do not be afraid to tell someone what your hustle is, they will support you!

Ivy started her business by making puffy paint shirts for her high school cheer team, and it grew from there. What I realized from listening to her speak last night, is every business woman starts with an idea, it evolves as you do. There will be challenging times, times you may want to quit, people who will do things to sabotage you but you persevere. Many people told her to go back to the stability of a 9-5 but she didn’t, she continued on, she believed in herself and her business. A lot of what she said resonated with me, because I have been told those exact things, I have faced some of those challenges, and I know as I continue on this journey, more will come up. But the difference is I now am plugged into a community of women who have been there, they know the growing pains of fighting for who you are becoming. The biggest obstacle they all faced was getting out of their own way, embrace who you are becoming and do not let that fear and self doubt hold you back anymore. I feel so motivated and refreshed, I wrote out a list of goals for this month and I am so excited to get into action and bring those goals to life. Start this month with a list of goals and wake up every morning with good intention, bring those ideas you have been putting on the back burner to life! You can do it girl!


Thank you to my girlfriends Danielle and Stephanie for joining me!

Jessica Castaneda