Episode 5: Self-care is not selfish


Hey Girlfriend! Do you self-care? I asked 2 of my girlfriends to call in to discuss how they practice self-care and we don't just talk face masks and bath bombs.

Jamie is a wife, mother and Entrepreneur. She owns a digital creative agency NYNE Spot Creative and she just so happens to be one of my most reliable and wisest friends! She shares how to prioritize your time when you don't have a traditional 9-5!

Sunny Rose is a girl on the go and just moved over 5 hours away from her hometown. She talks about how she deals with the stress of settling in a new home, balancing work, love and being in tune with her body. 

30 Ideas on Self-Care from www.leancleanandbrie.com

1. Read a new book

2. Diffuse essential oils

3. Take a walk

4. Take an epsom salt bath

5. Light a candle

6. Make a homemade body care item

7. Write in a journal

8. Practice Yoga

9. Listen to your favorite music Album

10. Drink a green smoothie

11.Make and apply a face mask

12. Go to bed early

13. Make a homemade meal

14. Organize your closet

15. Treat yourself to a cup of coffee

16. Doodle or color in a coloring book

17. Walk somewhere new

18. Cozy up in a blanket

19. Buy yourself flowers

20. Listen to your favorite podcast

21. Take pictures in nature

22. Turn your phone off for a few hours

23. Declutter your workspace

24. Stretch

25. Give yourself a manicure

26. Scroll through pinterest

27. Try a new exercise class

28. Lay in the sunshine

29. Have a solo dance party

30. Pray

Jessica Castaneda